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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After quite the summer of missteps with a simple new carpet replacement, the living room carpet was installed yesterday.  We pulled a few of the pieces back into the room last night.  Most everything had glides left under them so that was pretty easy.  We did put most of the electronic stuff back together.  I think I will now have a Lazyboy leather recliner for sale.  Just does not suit my style.  Probably will replace Gene's next year.

One other big thing is the beginning of the UMW Apple Pies for Missions.  This is a project I commit my time to as one of the team of leaders.  This will be my second year on the planning team.  I am taking orders, getting volunteers as workers for pie crust dry ingredient assembly line and pie making nights.  This is a huge project so my energy will be focused in that direction till second week in October.

Not much else for right now.  Want to get the rest of the stuff put back.  And the sheers need a little pressing after the hand wash a few weeks back.  Did not see any reason to do the pressing till they could be rehung.  Probably will not post much for a couple of days.  Playing in my living room.  And smiling while at it.

Fall in the headlights means life will be getting really busy.  But it will be much easier with new knees for us as well as the "simple" new carpet project in the rear view mirror ... thank God, finally.

Beginning of fire place money pit disaster, May 15, 2012

Carpet FINALLY installed, August 14, 2012

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