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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Food and Friends

What a great day!  Another day of unbelievably good weather.  I started the morning outside.  But  before I could get started I had to stop Made a trip to the bank to meet with UMW officers to sign everything one more time this year.

Returned home in time for Gene to need to get out for a bit.  After a couple of errands we decided it was too nice just to go back home.  We drove to a nearby park and before we even stopped we knew it was a fried chicken picnic kind of time.  Off to KFC and back to the park for a shady bench.  We came across our former neighbors, Dottie, OD and their poodle.  They were out walking in the beautiful weather.  Lots of folks at the park enjoying the day.

I think fried chicken tastes best when eaten outside.  Probably a childhood throwback to Youngblood's Chicken box at the great State Fair of Texas.  Fried chicken needs to be accompanied by potato chips and a slice of Mrs. Baird's light bread.  It is really good to eat it with Gene.  He is doing to good with the new knee.  Each day shows more strength and flexibility.

Eventually I became overwhelmed with guilt of work needing to be done back at the house.  So back to 3871 where I worked on removing more overgrown vegetation.  Did more cleaning in the pond.  Mowed and edged the yard.  By then it was past time to cleanup, dress and meet friends to celebrate another 65th birthday.

Being able to meet with 4 other couples to celebrate a birthday was very special this year.  One couple has spent most of this year battling cancer and a complication that almost took the husband's life.  The birthday girl had a close call with complications from kidney stones in the last month.  Two other couples have been dealing with mothers with memory loss and the life changes that brings to the family.  Gene and I have been well but with the elective surgeries we have had our challenges.  But for a couple of hours tonight we had the perfect end to a perfect day, time with friends.  The time together was food for the souls.  Thank God for Food and Friends.
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