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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a Little More

Not much left in the energy department tonight.  Worked in the yard for a couple of hours early in the morning.  Well, for me early, 7 AM - 9 AM.  After a bowl of cereal and strawberries I worked to get the plug strip set up in our nest area.  Too many electrical gadgets in one area to have room in the wall plug.  And cords dangling across to a wall plug, that makes this anal retentive person a little crazy!

Moved tables around to see if a slightly different arrangement might work better between our chairs.  Nope, so it all had to be moved back.  This was all while Gene was at his last visit to rehab and lunch with a friend.

Then it was tackle the blinds and windows in the kitchen and dining area.  Still working on getting spring cleaning for 2001 done so then I will be only 11 years behind.  I may make it before the new year.  I do know that climbing onto the kitchen cabinet to get to the blinds over the sink was easier with the new knee!  But all the bending over to scrub the blinds and screens after 2 hours working flower beds and pond stuff has left my calves crying pretty loud tonight.

Sure feels good to be able to put in a day of work around the house and garden.  Not sure if it will be shrub trimming and lawn mowing or kitchen cabinet tops tomorrow.  Gene tells me he thinks I am doing a home cleaning marathon.  "Time to sit for a while," he will tell me.  My usual answer is just a little more!
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