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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making Progress is Fun

No rain and water & soaker hoses only on tree and shrubs.
All the heat and dry weather is leaving folks with some edginess these days.  Every other morning as allowed by the water department, different sections of our flower beds are watered for about an hour.  At least this is keeping the shrubs from suffering any more damage.

Same yard with only God's watering in May.
The tomato plants Gene set out in June are actually beginning to set on fruit.  And the volunteer squash plant that came up at the edge of the compost pile is setting on little butternut squash.  Gene is a happy gardener.  And with the watering the moles are doing a great job of aerating the ground.  The moles do not care if they are digging in grass, pebble paths, flowerbeds or under flagstones.

Yesterday Mr. Copperfield's Chimney Service began the project of resurfacing our fireplace and hearth.  Know that the chimney project started with a very poorly finished fireplace chimney cap and roof/chimney junction over 19 years ago.  The project of stopping water entering our home through all sorts of openings started in earnest in 2009.

Friday will be tiling the lower face of the fireplace.
The most current effort began by simply attempting to close a hole in the sheet-rock before new carpeting was installed.  After the now 3 month plus saga of the fireplace wall repair, we are beginning to have hope that the project is back on track.  With a group effort of Mr. Simpson, Gene and me we came up with a design for the stone tiles.  And you know what, making progress is fun!

Wore Gene completely down to the nub. 

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