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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playing Chicken

Remember the days when young drivers would play "chicken" like the scene in Rebel Without a Cause?  Or you called someone chicken just to get them to do something the other person did not really want to do?  One of my favorite websites, Wikipedia, has the following information:

Chicken (game)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Chicken (disambiguation).
The game of chicken, also known as the hawk-dove game or snow-drift game, is an influential model of conflict for two players in game theory. The principle of the game is that while each player prefers not to yield to the other, the worst possible outcome occurs when both players do not yield.
So folks in Congress are choosing not to yield.  People in churches are choosing not to yield.  The Liberal Left will not yield.  The Conservative Right will not yield.  Folks are constantly telling me they need guns.  I do not care if they have their guns so long as they do not kill people.  Then I have the right to have an opinion.  And the right to express that opinion.  Same as everyone else.
I am pleased I live in a nation that guarantees my right to free speech as well as all the other components of the original Bill of Rights.  I choose to respect all the Amendments as not only my right but the right of others.  One of which is the separation of church and state.  And there in lies the rub.  I do not want state and federal laws on how to manage the size of my family on the basis of some religion to which I do not profess.  I do not want a person that does not want to use birth control to be told they have to use birth control.  Why is this even an issue?  
I do not want my gay friend to be told it is illegal to love and marry by the state.   That is between a person and their Creator.
I am a Liberal, God Fearing person of God's handiwork.  I do not need to line up at some fast food joint to support a freedom that has been fought for and won by so many men and women.  The game of  "chicken" is not a game for persons claiming to be adults/grown up.  So, folks, let's stop playing chicken.
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