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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Political Overload

I am so done with all the hype about the election.  I am tired of emails, I am tired of Facebook posts, phone calls asking my opinion.  The group doing the polling really does not give a damn about my opinion.  If they did they would not be calling!  I do not care which side of the isle the tripe is coming from I am just done.  And now we are looking into a double barrel shotgun of, ugh, conventions.  I was forced to watch these things as a child in the 50's.  We did not have running water but we had a television!  And my mom loved politics then and still does.

The last several years and elections have left me tainted.  I voted for one president who later became known as Tricky Dicky.  Another president that did not keep his pants zipped.   I have sat on the sidelines working in the military industrial corporations as we have repeatedly gone in to both large and small scale wars.

I think I will not watch the two "Mr. President" pageants.  I do not watch Miss America or Miss World either.  I have about as much influence in any of these competitions as as the bird splatter on my garden umbrella.  Think I'll just bury myself in the next home improvement or picture scanning project.  And, please, do not try to engage me in a meaningful conversation about politics.  A meaningful conversation about politics is about as real as say a unicorn.
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