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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Old Ball Game

It is summer, Friday night and we are watching a Cardinal baseball game.  Imagine that.  Gene so enjoys all parts of baseball, especially Cardinal baseball.  Yesterday we were told our middle grandson caught a t-shirt at a triple A team game.  Pretty cool for a young boy!

We have not made but about two of the local team's games so far this year.  Maybe I should look into taking Gene to one more around his birthday.  We'll see how energetic I am after this next week as I am still working on the 2001 spring cleaning project.  Had to take time today to "mow" the lawn.  It is a stretch to call it mowing as 90 % of the grass is brown.  Just enough tough Bermuda in the yard to come out after a small amount of rain last week.

The knot garden shrubs were ready for a trim, too  First time since early May.  The drought has kept growth of everything in check.  Anything that is growing is soon uprooted by the moles.  Grrrr.  Where is Bill Murray when one needs to get rid of moles.  I found an interesting link.  If I had some money with no better purpose (like food, shelter, clothing for someone) it could be fun to blow a few moles/voles into a long, long sleep.

Aug 24 @Reds123456789

Cardinals are 3 up on the Reds for now.  It is time for the seventh inning stretch.  Guess, I'll go get a Dr. Pepper and another mini Payday bar.  After all , it is one, two, three strikes you're out at The Old Ball Game.

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