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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Day Without

Sniff, sniff.  Monday I took my sewing machine in for repairs.  It would not, well, I am challenged to describe it since the machine has a type of hard drive.  Using a slightly modified phrase describing some people that are not quite all there, the lights were on but the system could not find home.  The motor to raise and lower the presser foot had quit working.  Not on warranty so I have the pleasure of paying the total bill.

So there have been several days without one of my favorite toys, my sewing machine.  I did use the time to finish cutting out 20 more bags.  Also, pieces were fused together for two additional bags bringing the total to 75 bags.  Today I spent time attempting to "block" a shawl.  I'll see how that works to keep the edges from rolling.

Gene went for some time at the gym.  Usually my preferred time to vacuum and clean the hard surface floors is while he is out of the house.  After vacuuming for some reason I decided to really scrub the kitchen floor.  Oh, good grief why did I think that would be a good idea.  Yes, the floor was needing a good, deep cleaning.  I gave out after scrubbing by hand using a 2 inch brush about a 6' x 10' area.

I am now sitting with a heating pad on the shoulder of the arm primarily used in the scrubbing.  It will be a goal in the future to make certain my toys are in working order.  And I will be looking for a mechanized scrubber.
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