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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Password Protected

Yesterday my wonderful husband surprised me with a new Dell XPS 10 tablet.  He said it was to assist me with my presentations for the various groups to which I belong.  I was very pleased with the new device but full of trepidation knowing what the setup of applications held for me.  At 3 A.M. I finally went to bed.  I had spent about 8 hours attempting to get all my applications to run on this new device.  I may need to be re-baptized after all the words I used toward said applications.

Passwords are the bane of my existence at this point in life.  Due to identify theft issues each application should have a unique password.  It takes a password protected Excel spreadsheet on a non internet connected device to keep up with all of the passwords.  I use due diligence and attempt to follow the guidelines for "strong" passwords.

In spite of all this, I have had my email and this blog hacked.  Yesterday we received a bogus $1500 check.  We suspect a posting on craigslist was the root of the contact.  Gene answered an email that probably should have been ignored.  But maybe with the check and the email address the crumb of a person can be found.

And then getting signed up for each application on a new device requires more time than buying a gun at a gun show!  I mean really.

Pop on over to Gretchen's Spin Cycle for more complaining and venting as this weeks subject is "pet peeves".  

Second Blooming

PS:  I could not use my device this morning until I opened my password protected spreadsheet to get the password to open the tablet.  I will get better in a couple of days.  Not the device but the brain of the device user at fault!
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