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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Quiet Day In Hooterville

We live near a water tower.  It does not say Hooterville.  We do not live on a farm nor in a small farming community.  We live a mile from the main Dell campus.  As mentioned before we live close to about 10 or 15 restaurants, non of which are down home type.  The maintenance folks are bilingual. The lady of the house is not a beauty queen.  The man of the house in not a lawyer and does not want to be a farmer. Not the Hooterville of Green Acres.

Do not be led astray, we are still deep in the heart of Texas.  With plenty of folks that speak with that drawl I heard as a child. But this is an urban area.  A place where there are theater groups for all ages. Lacrosse for children. Soccer clubs for kids where the coaches are multilingual.  There are cotillions for the middle school age boys and girls.  The boys wear cowboy boots to the dances.  Nope, definitely not New York penthouse for the wife.  Maybe a little Hooterville.

It was still a quite day.  A day that began early for Hubby.  Son asked him to take Son's vehicle to get it serviced and cleaned. A spilled latte had left an unpleasant aroma.  And sitting the the Texas sun can Bake. The. Odor. In.  Hubby/Dad was very accommodating and performed said functions.  Or took the vehicle to a location where some nice folks did it.  Hubby returned home and announced he is feeling crummy, probably coming down with a cold.

Yesterday's excitement was two fold, watching Youngest grandson in a play and the arrival of the Roku.  The Roku was simple to install.  Choosing channels to have available took a little time because we are slow.  First channel to be installed and linked was MLB.TV.  Hubby was able to watch Cardinal baseball on the big screen.  We left before the end of the game.  When we returned from the play, he was able to go back to the game.  He could watch any of all of the game.  He was a happy fan.

Today after the auto detail run he sat down in his favorite easy chair.  He then turned on another of the channels we had discovered, Amateurlogic.  The theme of this podcast show is amateur radio, a hobby of Hubby's family.  He spent an hour enthralled with the toys and discussion presented by a couple of hams from Alabama.  A third ham lives in Australia and is more into the logic side or the program.

Arnold the Pig from Green Acres not ham in Alabama.
My excitement for the day was getting the pictures hung on the art hanging system.  I still need to get a couple of the pictures to have wire hangers to be able to use the system for display.  A third picture has to be professionally framed for preservation purposes.  A little laundry, meal prep and some computer time rounded out this quiet day in Hooterville.  Well, and another Cards game on the TV.

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