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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Celebrations

Yep, that is me, circa 1949.
My Mom has joked for years that she knew the Easter Bunny very well.  She was always up and still sewing on Easter outfits when the Bunny filled our baskets with candy eggs.  My childhood Easters meant a new outfit from head to toe.  Those were the days when every one wore hats including the men.

So many homemade dresses made by my Mom.  There were duster coats in the years when they were popular.  I seem to remember mine being a dark color with a light colored dress underneath.  Another year was a navy and white outfit with a bolero style jacket.  The hat was white with a wide bill.  I just knew it was the most beautiful thing in the world.  I do not remember my sisters outfits, unfortunately.  And no pictures were taken of those outfits.  But below is one of the Women's Sunday School class that includes my Mom, my Granny Chandler and Reba Jane's Mom, Lucille.  Many in the picture are my cousins.  I miss hats and the trip to Julia's Millinery Shop to pick out the hat.

That is my Mom's beautiful handwritting.
After Husband and I were married we were sponsors for the youth fellowship at church.  In order to earn funds for the group we began cooking breakfast following Sunrise Services.  That meant enlisting the parents to assist.  These were so successful that eventually we took the group on a week tour in spring of 1973.  I was seven months pregnant when we made the trip.  That was our last year to work with the youth as sponsors.  We still are in contact with some of them now 40 plus years later.
Mom holding my niece whose dress
 she made.  It wass Easter Sunday.

The traditions of new outfits continued for our family until our son left home.  Of course there were always boiled eggs to decorate.  We never rolled eggs.  We did hide them.  My younger sister was only 18 months older than our oldest nephew.  She hunted eggs with nieces and nephews.  About August one year a horrible odor was coming from her closet.  A hard boiled egg in the bottom of her Easter basket was the culprit!

Grandsons visited us in Missouri near Easter in 2008.  I had plastic eggs with treats and change inside.  The Bunny hid the eggs and the boys hunted them.  The boys emptied the contents and Grandpa was convinced the hid the eggs repeatedly for the boys to search out.  A few months later as I was working in the bushes I found a missed egg.  That brought back memories of fun with three boys!

Of course for a person of the Christian faith the week preceding Easter can be filled with activities.  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Sunrise service and the main worship.  "Up From The Grave He Arose" rang through the small churches of my childhood and youth.  Our last church home was much larger and the music was accompanied by a full orchestra.  There would be a full choir singing the 'Hallelujah Chorus".  Very few folks would wear hats.  I still miss the hats.

This is a family outing one spring.  Granny in a duster and hat, most likely her Easter hat that year.

I have for years placed decorations around my home both inside and out.  Not this year.  Too much moving, packing and unpacking to want to take thing apart to put back in place a short time later.  I do have this one area devoted to spring which for me brings Easter.  May your Easter, Passover or Spring season be filled with a Love that passes all understanding.  For that is what my Savior showed to this world, love.

Praying New Life for you and yours.

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