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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Somewhere in the middle of the muddle hangs my mind and soul.
No direction, no commitments, no desires, no ambition and no cares.
Just a body that spent several days walking into, around and out of stores.
Around car dealership parking lots searching for a new set of wheels.

Today rain filled clouds released their moisture onto a thirsty soil.
Creatures revel in rain and drizzle as drops fall onto parched fields and pastures.
The mourning dove sat with its tail resting in the water of the bird bath.
The mate sat patiently on the fence and both took flight as I pointed a lens.

Muddled days are good to recharge tired bodies, minds and souls.
To spread renewal in the brain drained from collecting data for decisions.
To read of other worlds in the creation and imagine life as an explorer.
To sit quietly as the simmering soup fills the room with aromas of promise.

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