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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earthday 2014

My Baby along with Hubby and Mom Adcock
Last Tuesday was Earth Day. Pretty sure that is old news by now. What the real news is we finally purchased the replacement for the car we left in Missouri. This car is somewhat different than the auto I called My Baby. That was a Lincoln Continental, tricoat cream colored, tricked out for a 1995 car that had 214,000 miles. Baby road like a dream, had power everything, lumbar supports and other goodies. The V-8 could lay rubber and averaged 19 city and 27 highway for most of the years we owned her.

It is appropriate we bought the new car on Earth Day. It is a Ford C-Max hybrid. The 4 cylinder gasoline engine is small. It is good as I no longer have a desire to lay rubber, good thing. I prefer the 45 MPG in city driving. Hubby likes the car.  We have named her Icie (doesn't everyone name their vehicles?). He can haul is 6'2" body in and out of Icie easier than in and out of My Baby or any of the other autos we recently tried. He hates bumping his head. Icie is very obliging with generous front door openings.  Icie has the newer amenities like heated seats (will we ever use this in Texas) voice response commands for radio, navigation, phone, climate control and I am not sure what else. Of course we are having to learn to speak in some other language cause I touched the wrong button and can't get it back to English.

Icie in our parking spot.
I am so enjoying this little car. I do keep looking to backup even though it has the camera. Keep looking over my shoulder before lane changes though there is a blind spot mirror. Keep looking for controls instead of using the voice command. There is that language thing, senorita.  Several things can be accessed on the steering wheel.  So far I have accidentally changed the radio station when trying to turn on the windshield wipers.  I resumed the cruise control set to 50 MPH in a school zone when I was attempting to talk to the unknown language lady.

We will get this figured out in time.  If there is anything two retired folks have it is time.  We are looking forward to this adventure.  Us and Icie, who is named for her color of ice storm, plan to make lots of trips to watch those wonderful grandchildren.  This weekend we have four games in two days.  Then the next weekend is tournaments.  And we will do our best to be at every one we can.  Just burning a little less gas in the process.  And making really wide turns cause I was accustomed to driving a tank full size Lincoln.  Happy driving to all!

Late afternoon pose for Icie.

Oldest Lacrosse action.

Youngest soccer action.

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