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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I know it is still 20 days until the change into fall but the seasons have changed in our life.  Our life does not follow the seasons of the sun but rather the grandsons. Fall sports season is upon us now.  No more swim meets nor vacations.  School began last Tuesday for the grandsons.  Our nephew began classes for his final semester at UT.  Sister and BIL were in for the first Longhorn game and have remained through the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were begun with 9:30 soccer games for Middle.  Saturday had a second game at 2:00 PM.  Surely felt good to get home and shower after that game!  While breezes and shade help it is still hot here in central Texas.  Lake levels are receding at about 2 inches per day.   Really needing wide spread rain down here.  Grasses on the soccer fields are barely green while the surrounding areas are dead brown.  We attempt to do our part by taking 'navy showers'.  Wet down, turn water off, scrub with soapy scrunchy, shampoo then turn water back on and rinse.  My bit for the water shortage.  But I digress.

Sunday morning the temperature and breeze were pleasant for the game.  Sis and BIL came with us to the game and experienced their first time on a Jeep ride sans doors and windows.  Afterwards it was to the Memorial Cafe in Georgetown for brunch with the crew.  There was a wait but with the air conditioned fresh produce market, samples of various products, chairs, large round tables and games made it a fun wait.  And then the food was tasty as usual.  Two grandsons ordered the huge cinnamon rolls. Those two are the ones that request 'Grandma's cinnamon rolls' on occasions like birthdays.  Both noted that Grandma needs to teach them (the cafe) how to:  make the icing says Oldest;  how to cook says Youngest!  Okay, that made my week.

We returned Sis and BIL to their hotel which is across the street from our apartment.  After some quite time they came over to just sit and visit.  We discussed everything from smoking meats to how to handle the graduation logistics in December.  All this was surrounded by the familiarity of being with one's siblings.  Only a word or two to recall funny or sad happenings.  The joy of creating new memories and family connections at this stage of life.  The day was rounded out by joining Sis's youngest and his friends for Dinner on Dad.  Then goodbyes were said knowing we would again be seeing each other so much sooner than in years past.

Today is September One, Twenty Fourteen, Labor Day.  In three days Husband will have his 74th birthday.  This is the 49th time we have celebrated that day together.  We have watched each other go from barely young adults to wrinkled senior citizens.  I was 19 when we met, he was 25.  I was a redhead, he had a pompadour.  Now grey and bald we prepare to celebrate the beginning of another year of life for Husband.  He just received a text to join a young man and his wife for a pint to celebrate another year!

Two years ago Husband was in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs, again.  That was five years after the near fatal lung infarction.  So every year we celebrate his birthday near Labor Day Weekend is a gift.  A gift from people committed to health care, from a Creator that put in place systems that can be learned and a gift of miracles.  I call him my Lazarus, pulled from the grips of death.  Able to high five grandsons at sporting events, able to drive his Jeep without doors and windows, able to have a pint with friends.  Able to rest on Labor Day.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by for a visit.  Know I think of my friends and family daily.
Blessings all.
©  Janice Adcock

Go Lonestars!

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