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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Carpe Diem Special #171 Cor van den Heuvel's "baseball"

Baseball season in the US is heading for the season ending playoffs.  My husband's beloved St. Louis Cardinals have won their division this year.  The end of the year was not particularly spectacular with too many losses.  Partly due to injuries, partly just the way it is with the game.  To plagiarize Bert Bell's saying,  on any given day any MLB can beat any other team.  So it is that 'cellar' teams love being spoilers and beat the one on top.

From March until almost November our TV set will be tuned to MLB.  Seldom do we watch anything besides one team.  Though we live currently in Texas, it is the Missouri teams that hold my husband's heart. He fondly remembers his youth sitting with a neighbor and listening to the games on the radio.  A couple of decades later our elderly neighbors would sit on their screened in porch listening to the games on KMOX, the official station of the Cardinals.  The three eighty and ninety somethings would yelp in delight with each score.  Or groan with disgust at a loss...

America's pass time
playing on the school ball field
a solid hit!
over the right fielder's head
falls into the cornfield's dust

©  petra domina

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