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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

first day of school

Carpe Diem Special #178 Michael Dylan Welch's "first day of school"

first day of school—
I eat my buckwheat pancakes
in silence

© Michael Dylan Welch

The first day of school is such a distant memory, over 62 years ago I walked into the school house.  Two older sisters as well as my Mom attended the little country school making it was familiar ground.  Mom drove the school bus beginning when I was about 18 months old.  I rode the bus with her.  As a result nothing about the first day of school was scary or unfamiliar.

Community festivals were held on the school grounds.  Even money raising events for the little country church, blurring lines of separation.  The teacher for my first year was somewhat new to the task.  Her tactics were such that in the small school with three grades to the room she was not my second grade teacher. 

Some folks call the times the good old days.  It was a time of possibilities and opportunities for the right folks.  It was the time of my youth, the time of simplicity. Simple foods, simple toys, simple needs .....

red sweeper compound
tossed on the dusty wood floors
smells of memories
© petra domina

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