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Monday, October 19, 2015


Things sort of sneak up on one.  Looked down and noticed the number of posts had reached 1000 + a few.  Started the blog as a way to occupy myself during knee replacement recovery in late February 2012.  Here now over three years later the little blog is chugging along most days.  Over 130 registered followers and 90,000 + recorded visits.  Take a good 2500 off that for legitimate views.

A second blog on Wordpress has about 165 posts with about 6500 views.  It is more for photos.  I have been rather lax in posts to that site since vacation.  I have not been visiting the contributors to the blogs in which I participate.  It is fun to visit and get to know folks from across the world.

Blogging is not about the numbers.  It is about the people on the blogs.  It is about the sharing of stories and ideas.  It is about learning from other cultures.  It is about recording bits and pieces of histories from my life.  Reading about the bits and pieces from other folks.  Blogging keeps an old mind active.

Blogging gives a place to let the creative juices flow.  It allows the muses to come for a visit in a way that gives light to new thoughts.  Besides all that it is just plain fun.
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