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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

walking the dog

This past weekend our son asked us to dog set.  We decided to bring the 8 month old 'pup' to our 880 sq. ft. apartment.  With no fenced yard  to let her roam free to do her jobs, we spent some time walking the dog.  Finally something to get me off the sofa and getting some movement in my life.

More than just movement was accomplished during the weekend.  Hubby trained DJ (the female 'pup') to stop at the curb and look both ways.  On command she would then advance.  I noted on one of 'my turn to walk' outings that DJ would void almost on command.  I tried it a second time with the same result.  Noting this to Hubby, he tried the command and sure enough DJ voided almost immediately.  That shortened the walk times!

Saturday evening DJ was sort of excitable.  Knowing how she loves water, I ran a few inches of water into our oversized tub.  A little sudsy soap and it was bath time.  Actually more like run in circles biting at the water time.  What fun that pup had!  We laughed that a few years ago we would put grandsons in tubs of water for them to play and us to rest.  Now it was the grandpup playing while we rested a bit!

On one of my last dog walks was about 8 AM.  The sun was still low.  Window reflections were almost mirror perfect.  As DJ and I walked by the office, ground level windows, she saw her own reflection.  She froze for an instance and then stepped back a few inches.  That is when she noticed my reflection.  She did a double take on our reflections.  Turning her head she looked quizzically at me then back at our reflections once more.  I laughed as she walked away warily looking back to the area where she saw that other old, fat grandma with a dog.

We took DJ back to her home about noon today.  It has been a little too peaceful and quite this afternoon.  And not nearly enough movement this evening.

a dog
running in circles chasing
a leaf

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