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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

+ 37 - 22 Days

Oh, my it is time for a day to go vote.  Maybe some of the ads will calm down now that the primaries will be over in our state.  One other thing we must do before leaving on our trip is our taxes.  Our taxes are simple but we do dread doing them.  But not doing the taxes is not an option.  And we are glad to do our little part for the support of our nation.

The desk area where we will need to work on the taxes is currently a sort of ham shack.  Hubby has rekindled his interest in this hobby.  He is building little devices and gadgets to do all sorts of things I do not completely understand.  Measure voltage input and output.  Signal strength.  And then there is the portable ham station.  All very important.  I am very pleased he has his hobby.  I have mine, too.

We will have to put aside our hobbies for a day or so to get the taxes completed.  That will give us one more thing to mark off the to do list!  I really did get the to do list going this morning.  Now to get moving on what we will need to get done.  Today I want to be Scarlet O'Hara because tomorrow is another day....
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