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Friday, July 1, 2016

Plastic Surgery

Three weeks ago a seborrheic keratosis was cut from the area where my left eye lids and the nose intersect.  Rather than doing any stitches the area was cauterized after the initial removal of the growth.  Two weeks later a second visit to the dermatologist removed the remainder of the growth, again by cauterizing parts of the area.  This is the same eye that had to have stitches in the brow after the fall in Montreal.  I am giving that poor eye a heck of a year.  Now the scars in that eye area give a slightly different shape.  A little nip and tuck but nothing that helps the sagging!

People in the public eye often opt for various forms of plastic surgery to enhance their sagging bodies.  Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers and Cher come to mind.  RenĂ©e Zellweger and Kenny Rogers looks were changed and became fodder for the late night comics.  The latter two had eyelids that drooped over their eyes. A friend from the Litton part of my life had that problem so badly that it was obstructing her vision.  She had cosmetic surgery to correct the problem.  A slight change of looks and not comments from the comics.

Not sure why it came to my mind, that is just how my mind works.  Isn't transgender nothing but folks having cosmetic surgery?  I am not naive about the full scope that includes medications, etc.  It is really none of my business nor anyone else business any more than my decision to have the growth removed from my eye.

Why worry about the splinter in your brother's eye when one has a log in their own?
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