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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Not much time to write as we must head over to Son's home for a bit of a beach party.  Sunglasses will cover the ugly red bleed in my right eye.  It keeps happening.  Yes, I have been to a specialist.  On steroid drops along with multiple wetting drop applications during the day.  Seems the corner of my eye lids have decided to attach to the eyeball.  This causes a pulling effect on the eyeball veins.  Oh, snap!  And another blood red eye.

So if you see me with my glasses off and my eye is red, it is not a new year's hangover.  Just another weird thing going on with my old body!  And another year to look forward to so many great surprises!

Keep up the hope and positive thoughts.  Laugh as much as possible cause there is always something funny to think about in our lives.  Like did you just discover that missing sock as you put on your pants this morning?  Or did that sock just drop out as you were walking into say church?  Or did you belch loudly as you opened your mouth to yawn at that restaurant?  I mean there is always something.  Personally I have walked full speed into screened doors, gone to the wrong wedding, set off alarms at the airports ... with my underwire bras, and the list goes on and on the longer I live.  So I laugh at myself and spread the joy as often as possible.

Go in peace and have some fun today.

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