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Monday, January 16, 2017

Mid January

It is the middle of January and the temperatures are back into the 70's.  I should be happy to be getting the 7500 steps done.  But I really just want to watch TV.  The few Christmas decorations that I put out need to be boxed up and stored for next year.  I just do not want to do the stuff.  That is called lazy.  Just plain lazy...

I did notice a tinge of guilt over the stuff piled on the chair.  Not enough to get up and get it put away.  Probably a 20 minute job.  Less time than it takes to write this blog post!  I am about to talk myself into getting it done.  Since sister is coming to spend a couple of nights it would make sense to get the stuff out of the way.  I mean not that many square feet available.

Hubby on the other hand is once more caring for Son's auto.  Seems there had been a knocking under the hood even after the oil change.  The different service center found nothing to be causing the sound.  He does the cars, I do the dust.  The never ending auto upkeep and dust.  Dusting is much less expensive than auto upkeep.  So long as I do not bend improperly

Finished one of the books I received for Christmas.  Written by Robert Wagner and Scott Eyman I heard Wagner's voice as I read it.  "I Loved Her In The Movies" is a recount of Wagner's take on women from the 1920's thru 1980's.  He knew so many of them from being in and around the movies himself.  A good read for dreary days though is seems a little pretentious at times.  You know how Wagner knew and loved or slept with one big name or another.  Similar to the character Wagner played on NCIS.  Still interesting to read about the famous ladies of Hollywood.

The next book hopefully will make this blog more interesting.  "On Writing Well" hopefully will bring a new level of reading for you folks.  I have been lacking in inspiration of late or possibly a lack of direction for the writing.  So for now I shall close and get to reading.  See you in a few days.  Meeting friends from Missouri and us will be dining together.

Peace and best wishes!
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