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Friday, January 13, 2017


While reading the haiku responses to the current month's challenges over at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai one in particular prodded the old brain.  The challenges this month are coming from reading selections from the novel "The Pilgrmage" by Paulo Coelho.   Themes such as rebirth, learning and letting go are just a few of what will be covered during the virtual pilgrimage.  This pilgrimage is the along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

Were I 30 years old or even 30 years younger the pilgrimage could be a fun adventure.  Plenty of time for soul searching.  Long enough to develop callouses to replace early blisters.  Certainly experience a different culture as well as history.  The route follows an ancient Roman trade route as well as the connection to St. James.

Elsie Hagley is one of the other folks in the haiku kai.  She is in her 70's and lives in New Zealand.  Now would that not, also, be a great place to visit!  I digress.  Elsie wrote the following in response to living in the moment:

retirement time now
walked the path of work for years
be with the moment
time to return to rebirth
spiritual growth starts today

Elsie Hagley

Those words got my mind to thinking about retirement.  With retirement there comes more free time.  There likewise comes a body that moves a little slower.  That body aches a little more and takes a little longer to heal or even recoup from a trip to the grocery store!  But that does not stop retirees from working to look for new things.  Or just have time to complete things they started 40 years earlier.  Some retirees start entire new careers.  I am content to stay at home and be on call for the kids and grandkids.

Retirement has afforded time to travel at a more leisurely pace.  Personally I began writing a blog, doing some photography and learning about haiku.  Moving to be closer to our son has left me more isolated from people and friends.  That is almost a choice, though, to not start new friendships.  I do have blog friends that I visit virtually most days.  The river cruise in the spring of 2016 will probably be our swan song for 'big trips'.  As noted above if I were younger a pilgrimage through norther Spain could be grand.  Ah, but I am 70, out of shape and out of time for such an adventure.  I shall be pleased just to write haiku about such a pilgrimage.  After all 70 years of life on earth is a pretty long pilgrimage.....

Peace and love,

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