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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

These Feet Are Made For Walking

My right foot has been staying swollen for several months.  It will not go down no matter what I do.  I have elevated, iced, and worn compression hose.  The foot continues to swell.  Recently the swelling has been so bad I could not bend my toes the full range for walking.  Walking those 7500 plus steps could be really uncomfortable at times.  The toes and top of the foot felt as if they were being burned.  O. u. c. h.  Grit my teeth and continue.

After two nights of fitful sleep because my foot hurt I called a podiatrist.  Luckily I was able to get an appointment for the next day!  The doctor's office is about 2 blocks away so I walked to the appointment.  To my surprise, the sonograms the family doctor ordered to check for clots being the reason for swelling were not last July.  No, they were in July, 2015, before our trip to the upper Midwest and Canada.  At that time without further investigation it was determined to be arthritis related swelling.

Today x-rays showed no arthritis in any of my foot joints.  While the expected deformations that come with aging are present, there is no arthritis.  So why the swelling?  An answer will require more information.  I need to go for an MRI.  Continue icing and anti inflammatory drug of some sort.  A new type of shoe insole has been prescribed.  Time will tell how all this works.  What I know is that these feet are made for walking and that is what I plan to do even when it hurts.

Good news for all the rest of life is my husband is doing PT for the leg issue, a hamstring something going on in his left leg.  Not sure what is happening with his weight as it is increasing though he seems to be having the same amounts of intake.  He is enjoying his ham setup that he has at the desk.  So pleased he is able to enjoy this hobby in the comfort of our little place.

I bet my usual readers thought I was going to talk about some sort of march for something with the title of this post.  I missed the opportunity today as I was at the doctor's office ... Instead a donation was made to help the tornado victims in Georgia.  And a little to the souper bowl food collection at HEB.

Peace out!
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