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Monday, January 9, 2017


It is definitely winter in Central Texas today.  Temperatures hovering below and at the freezing mark.  I know that is nothing like the single digit and minus 0 temperatures of many but with a wind chill of 15 degrees it is cold.  A very cold day to attend a graveside service.  This is the day a friend's ten years old grandson is laid to rest.  The cloud cover adds to the dreariness of the day.  And the chill accentuates the coldness of a grave.

Reading facebook to catch up with family and friends across the world is a good way to distract from the sadness.  Snowfalls of varying amounts give rise to kiddos on sleds.  All bundled up against the cold winds with wide smiles peeking our from the hoods.  One friend has his only grandson and his parents in for the Christmas/Winter break from their home in China.

This grandpa and grandson have built a small cabin in the back yard of Grandpa's home.  The building took a couple of vacation visits to reach its current level of comfort.  It is equipped with bunk beds, electricity, heat and most amenities. The one exception is bathroom facilities.  This morning's post by Grandpa included comments about the chilly walk to bathroom facilities in the nearby garage.  A heated indoor john.  Such luxury!  Grandpa then commented on the path he would use as a kid growing up in the 1940's and 50's.

We in the US can sure forget how short a time it has been since 'modern' conveniences have become the norm.   Such conveniences as running water, electricity, graveled or paved roads and indoor plumbing did not reach into the rural communities till the late 1950's and 1960's.  Hubby and my home built in the 'country' in 1969 had the luxury of 'city' water as a result of federal water programs begun in the mid 1960's.  The water programs were similar to the rural electrification program (REA) of the mid 1930's.  Yes, that first home had 3 indoor commodes....  And a septic tank with lateral lines to process the wastes.  I do enjoy the conveniences of this modern life.  

This post was started in the morning of January 6.  A cold, blustery wintry day.  A day for the burial of a 10 year old child.  The grandson of a high school classmate.  We dressed in our cold weather clothing from living in Missouri and drove the 90 minutes to lend support to our long time friends.  The ceremony was deeply moving with tributes from the Texas Army National Guard and many others whose lives were touched by Rowan.

From the graveside we headed back to Round Rock.  I had an appointment with my 10 year old grandson.  No way would I miss this opportunity to spend time with him.  He wanted to sew on the machine we had given him for Christmas.  And sew he did learning as we went.  Once the simple stuffed bear was completed he was ready to go play Pokemon.  Then his older brother was ready for some sewing lessons.  Finally at almost 11 PM Middle Grandson says, "Grandma, you look tired.  You need to go home and rest.  And would you bring some stuffing and material so we can sew some more?"

Back home I needed to prepare to leave the next morning to head 200 miles in the opposite direction for a classmate's funeral.  First I had to gather a bag of material, some needles, more thread and the stuffing all to be left on the porch of Son's home as we left the next morning.  Cause while I may be in the winter of my life, the future is in these wonderful grandsons in their spring of their life.  The life they still have to enjoy.  And we must live to honor those that have passed from this life.

Peace and love to each of you.
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