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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Watching A Movie

Today I was watching Boynton Beach Club.  This is a movie from 2006 about folks in a retirement community.  The story has one scene where a character is writing his online profile for a dating site.  He was, also, reviewing several women who had done whatever it is that says they are interested in him.  As he read two or three of these aloud it got me to thinking.  How would I describe myself?  I wanted to think on that for a moment.  Besides, I am not single.  I texted 'I love you' to my Hubby.  Cause, you know, I do and I still can.

Hubby was off getting one of the Son's autos serviced or something like that.  Hubby is the guy in the family that does all that for all of us.  Now with a bonus granddaughter almost ready to have her own car, he has been getting the DIL's old car serviced.  Like new tires, inspections, washed and cleaned up for our only princess.  BTW, she is winning the 800 meter in most of her competitions.  Last weekend while we were going to the right place at the wrong time and the wrong place at the right time, she was walking across the stage accepting an academic award.  Smart, fast and beautiful, a dynamite combination when mixed with her sweet personality.

Back to the question of how would I write an ad for myself on a singles site.  Hmmm, maybe this:  overweight old woman that prefers to be quiet, danced when I was young, does not seek the company of anyone now.  We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of my second chance of being the wife Hubby deserves.  Hubby replied to my text with 'I love u 2'.  For this day, for this moment I have the perfect man for me.  Hope he feels the same.  

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