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Friday, April 21, 2017

Lost and Found

Over the last few months the computer I used for writing and photo editing developed disk issues.  I was warned of the eminent danger of a total failure.  An online backup was found and days on end were spent as the system was being backed up "out there".  I monitored what was being backed up to make sure all those photos were saved.  Day after day the system ground on with the process.  finally I was notified the process was complete.  I looked quickly and the picture directory was there!

I continued using the system until the day it died.  Hard drive totally dead.  Now wanting to spent the cash for a new computer, I used our 'business' computer for several weeks.  I toyed with the idea of just replacing the hard drive myself.  We asked advise of our son. "Your computer is over 8 years old, replace it" was his response.  After all it was not 8 years old as it had been completely rebuilt in 2012.  Under warranty.  Still, five years old.  it is time.  So the research was done and a new one was ordered.  It arrived the same day as our cousin.  The new system was set aside for a few days as ther were bluebonnets to see.

After the first few days of sight seeing, going to ball games, etcetera things slowed enough for me to unpack the new computer.  Slick and soft.  Plugged it in, finally found the on switch and the SSD had the opening screen there and ready to play in just seconds.  Finding how things worked was fairly simple.  Setting up preferences took a day or two as we still had a visitor to enjoy.  Eventually I began retrieving the files from the cloud.  Business files, address books and my endless spreadsheets were the first.  The process was going just fine.  There were a couple of times it was a little slow as the 650 MG limit forced packing files together instead of just selecting single folders.

Finally I was ready to begin grabbing my photos.  Now the 650 MG limit would prove to be a challenge.  Then I noticed for the first time the picture folders names.  The last year was 2014.  No backup on the 2015 or 2016 years.  I quietly adjusted to the fact that all the editing was lost but the original photos of 2 weeks in California, 4 weeks traveling in the upper Midwest to Montreal and all of the 2016 European trip and other events of those years were on memory cards.  I quietly was grateful we had made that decision.  I sat to the task of downloading to my new system.

It was about a day into the project that a realization slowly sunk into my brain.  All the scanned folders had not backed up to the cloud.  No backup on the hundreds of scanned photos from my sisters visit last summer when we divided photos.  I was literally sick to my stomach as some of the photos were scanned then tossed.  Tossed into the recycling bin never to be seen again.  I grabbed the memory sticks that I usually use when doing the scanning project.  No luck.  They are gone.  So I shall spend days, months attempting to move beyond the guilt of the loss of those images.  Many of the photos were on CDs and there were some on the sticks.  But not the ones from last summer.

Now I must decide will I work to see if I can possibly use some sort of device to attempt to get something off the old, dead drive.  Maybe I just need to do what the father in the Prodigal Son parable did.  I shall rejoice for what was once lost but now is found.  Rejoice in the good and just be thankful for that.

Take care over the upcoming weekend.  Son is taking us to see Willie Nelson and Family perform Saturday night.  We will be with the whole family along with youngest Sister, BIL and Birthday Nephew.  Yes, we will rejoice for what we have!

Peace and love,

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