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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Last month when our cousin was visiting we did a road trip out into the Hill Country.  Hoping to see some blue bonnets. Hubby had done the research to find the best possibility for finding some of the flowers.  The season was coming to an end and most areas were fading.  We came around the corner and saw this.

After about 20 minutes of photo snapping we left the area.  From there we continued driving the back roads.  Where upon we came upon an old cemetery.  Hubby obliged by making a u turn so we could get the photos of these lovely flowers.  I have not identified what they are, pretty is good enough for me as an identity.

It is nice to have most of my software loaded on the new computer.  I have managed to retrieve large numbers of my photos.  Now you will have to put up with my posting again.  As for how we are spending our time, well, we are being transport.  Our granddaughter has another concussion so she is having to go to school for only half days.  Hubby and I are on standby for driving duty to or from school.  DIL has a new job so taking time off is not the best idea.  That is why we are here.  Just like the bluebonnets, right where we are supposed to be.
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