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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The last several days I have been awakening earlier than usual for me.  I have been dressing and  staying up for the day.  Walking in the cool, early morning air makes it so much easier to achieve my walking goals.  With the trip to the French Riviera and another Viking cruise only about 9 weeks away, I am working to get in better shape for the inevitable walking and stair climbing.  In 2016 our trip on the Rhine, Main and Danube my walking was challenging.  It was only two months following total knee replacement when we made the trip.  Trusting the traumatized muscles to manage the cobblestone streets and stairs was somewhat stressful.  Oh, but the beauty of what we were seeing left any discomfort in the rear of the train.

This trip will be much shorter.  There will still be a good deal of walking.  Both knees are working very nicely these days though there can be some soreness in the tissue of the more recently replaced knee.  There is that foot thing that developed into a good deal of discomfort over the winter.  After two days of over 8,000 steps and a few flights of stairs, today the foot is saying ouch.  So, ice, elevate and rest the bugger.  Cause this old gal is not going to be hampered on this trip by a game foot.

If you want to know where our longboat will visit this time click here.  We are calling this our golden trip in honor of 50 years surviving being married to each other.  Sissy and BIL are on the trip, too, to help us celebrate.  We will be staying in Nice for a few days before going aboard the longboat.  Sis and I have been getting tours booked for those days a well as tours on the half days aboard the boat.  One day in Nice we will be taking a tour to Monaco and back across to Cannes.  Hubbies are considering an electric bike tour while Sissy and I may take in a museum or some shopping.  Really wanted to do the boat harbor tour but could not get the times to work for us.

The confusion of last week was in part due to getting flights coordinated to have leg and butt room for our oversized hubbies and selves.  Leg room accomplished but not so much the axe handle of a rear on me and a couple of others in the group.  I was ready to plunk down the $, seats were available but could not be booked until 6 weeks before the flight.  I thought that was just too weird...  Any who, I did get my spreadsheet set up and was able to get a few things organized mentally and am doing much better. 

Hubby lost one of the walking sticks the last day of the 2016 trip.  That has been replaced and now I am coveting the newer style for myself.  Have put in a request for one for Mother's day.  Additional memory cards have been purchased along with little containers to keep them organized.  Lessons of dead batteries in cameras led to the purchase of backup batteries.  Research into temperature averages for the region has me looking for a light wrap for evenings.  Maybe even a dress, OMG, for a change.
Better close and get the spread sheet up and going.  Just thought of two more things to get done before we leave.  Thanks for stopping by.  Your visit always makes my day a little brighter!


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