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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Remembering and Missing

This morning as I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee before getting ready for a Mother's Day brunch I felt a little sad.  I miss my Mother and my Mother in Law.  They have been gone now for over 2 and 3 years respectively.  Then I looked up at the window above the sliding glass door.  As I observed the reflections on the curtain a lady spoke of how her mother always is revealing herself.  Her mother had passed when she was in her 20's.  Now that she had children she understands why her mom shed happy tears.  She understands what loving a child means and how much her mother had loved her.  There was more that you can watch here.

It spoke to my heart.  It spoke in chorus with the images on the curtain.  Cause those images were reflections of different parts of their lives as well as mine.  Canning jars from my MIL, Edna.  An intertwined set of lovebirds from Mom and Dad's 50th celebration or maybe their 60th.  There is the set of chimes from my sister with the cardinals cause Mom loved cardinals.  All week long a male Northern Cardinal has been visiting my little patio.  Both Mom and Edna would have enjoyed seeing the bright red of the birds feathers.

While those two women would not be visited by us today I felt their presence.  Both women loved gardening so I noticed there were even the shadows of leaves on the curtain.  The sparkles of light as the sun etched images on the cloth brought joy to my heart.  The joy of memories, of love and of our mothers.

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