Monday, August 14, 2017

Fifty Years and Counting

On August 12, 2017 our Son, DIL and grandchildren threw us a back to the 50's Rock and Roll Anniversary party for our 50th wedding anniversary.  Yes, our anniversary was June, 30 and we went on a cruise in France.  Our son wanted to have a celebration because, well, fifty years of wedded bliss, bluster and beauty.  As noted in an earlier post, I decided it would be fun to recreate a couple of the original wedding day photos.  Here are a few for you to enjoy.

 No photo originally of all my attendants together.  So here are some of the attendants in different photos.  BTW my oldest, skinny grandson put on my dress.  It would not go around his body and was tight on his bottom.  When was I ever that thin!!  Well, right there in this photo is the proof.  Oh, well : /

The two ladies in the front were the two flower girls, my nieces.  As I prepared for the party I realized all the attendants and other members of the wedding party are now older than my dad was at the time of my wedding.  He was 53.  The youngest of the wedding party is 54.  Can we say old...

Of course the Hubby had attendants, too. The youngest son of one usher and a grandson stood for the two that have passed away.  So a son and grandson stood in for the missing loved ones. 

L - R starting on the back row:
Royce, Jack (deceased) Hubby, Alan and Jim (both lost to us)
front row are all my nephews,
Donnie, Mike, Steve, John

Standing back row L to R:  Hubby, Royce, Jack's stand in Garrett
Seated:  Mike stand in Chris (his son), John, Donnie and Steve stand ins, Matt and Grant.

Son and Oldest Grandson took over Best Man and Groomsman place.  Bonus grandson is stand in for the pastor.  As noted before two junior ushers, my nephews, had commitments that precluded their presence.  A couple of photos biggified put their faces in the photos.  Thanks to a much younger nephew and our Middle Grandson.

Besides our attendants, two of the house party joined in the party.  

Left to right:  Linda, Brenda, Carolyn and Sue

Carolyn and Linda.

Then there was the cutting of the cake by the bride and groom.

It looks like we both had a few too many pieces of cake during those 50 years.  And that is the original cake topper.

Our grandkids tried to paint the windows of our car and tape on signs.  It came a torrential rain and washed everything away before a photo could even be taken.  All that work and getting completely soaked was a bummer for them.  Here is the original photo of Hubby's car with the signs on it.  

I'll leave it at this for tonight.  Tomorrow I will share photos of the delightful decorations Son, DIL and Youngest Sissy did for the fun night.  Of course there will be photos of the various '50's styles different folks were wearing.

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