Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The 50's Party for our 50th.

The Saturday of the Big Party started with us 4 sisters at Youngest Sister's home.  Breakfast is a must to get us all going.  My camera was being contrary and would not focus past the stove where the cooking was happening.  Guess it was hungry.

 Once breakfast was eaten and kitchen put back together the steaming began.  The fifty year old wedding gown, Mom's dress she wore, my going away suit and one other outfit all required the steam treatment.  Table cloths and other types of stuff to just give everything that extra little touch.
Our Son, DIL, grandkids and Youngest Sis had worked for weeks gathering goodies and deco for the event.  And since it was a 50's party there were costumes to gather as well.

Hubby and I were responsible for picking up the cake and dropping off other items like the 50 year old dresses at the restaurant.

As Hubby and I headed out for our hotel and the cake pickup, the sky became threatening.  To complicate matters, the 'quick' way via the toll road was closed for construction.  We spent 30 minutes going a mere 10 miles.  Finally reached Elizabeth's cake and headed not to the hotel but straight to the restaurant to have the cake refrigerated.  We unloaded the cases of records, picture albums and dresses and headed to the reserved room.  That was filled with people having another party.

We had the room reserved since March for this event.  An the 'new' manager said the other people had reserved the earlier time and we were just going to have to wait to decorate.  I called Son and he said he had been told 3 times in the last week the room was empty all day.  We could decorate whenever.  Sister was already on the road by now just in front of the rain storm.  After a few discussions via phone, I explained we needed room to do work.  There were flower arrangements to be completed.  The manager said we could have the room at 5:30 and no sooner.  He did give us space in a large, empty room to leave my stuff.  He promised that area could be used for all prep and the staff would help with the move.

We unloaded all but one suitcase of stuff and headed to our hotel to dress for the event.  DIL wanted us to be surprised by the room.  We arrived back at the restaurant with the suitcase in tow.  It had the last table cloth that was needed for the cake table.  Guests were already waiting.  So I did not have time to take in the full beauty of the room before I needed to greet our guests.  Thank goodness our sweet DIL took great photos of everything so we could enjoy later.  We did get to look at the setup during the party, just wished I could have absorbed it a little more.  So here are the photos for your viewing pleasure.
Welcome table with book and cards to sign telling one story about us.

A little closer look.

The chrome chairs added to the 50's feel.  And this tray of glasses were for all to wear!

Each place setting had an old record with our photo in the center.  How cute is this!!!!  BTW Son told me this was his most favorite photo of us he had ever seen.  Love that man child.

Each table had these adorable centerpieces.  The children of friends and family got to take the cars home as well at the glasses.  Love the arrangements that looked like soda fountain drinks.

The center dress is what Mom had made for herself to wear.  Just beautiful work.  All the others were 'store bought'.

The lace table cloth and under cloth were Mom's while the runner belonged to Hubby's grandmother, then his mother and then it hung in our house for decades.  Love having the past with us on this occasion.

Yes, the original topper from 50 years earlier.  And a gardenia topiary as I carried gardenias as my bouquet.
Now for the fun 50's styles our friends and family wore to the sock hop!

Our God daughter niece and her three children.  My Mom had made the poodle skirt the great niece is wearing for her mom, our niece.  Niece sent a pic of her ready for the party and said I would not go out in public like this for anyone else.  Must really love Aunt Janice and Uncle Gene.

Our bonus grand daughter and grandson.

All our wonderful grandkids!!!!  Love, love and more love for this bunch.

Our token nerd from the '50's complete with taped glasses.  Love our youngest nephew!  The two ladies are my sweet Aunt Opal's daughters.  They were wee little girls at our wedding and always a part of our family gatherings.

My sisters and I posing with our daughters.  My sisters each had two sons and one daughter.  I now have a sweet DIL and
grand-daughter.  My life is rich in love.

The host and hostess of this bash, aka, Son and DILove.  My heart is so full.

 Now for just some random photos of the crowd and room.  If you have been a reader of this blog you may recognize some of the names from previous posts.

Long time friends visiting with Son.  These folks drove from Missouri to surprise us and they surely did!

Our Grands, again!
Son reading emails from friends telling stories about us.  Some were a little off color cause that is me.

My friend from high school.  We called ourselves Sally Sadass and Patty Pickup when we met guys while
cruising the streets in my folks 1959 turquoise Ford Galaxy 500.   Never give your real name, girls.

This is a family circle, clockwise from 9, oldest niece, Son, BIL, Oldest Grandson, Bonus Grand daughter, DILove.

Youngest to oldest Sisters thumbing a ride!

Reba Jane being silly in our lovely hats.

Some visiting time with long time friends.

Oldest Sister being the statue of liberty.  This girl turns 81 the end of August.

Four sisters AKA, Arleigh's Angels and we never did get a ride.

Youngest Sister's family.  All out for the 50's.

My baby Sissy admiring her daughter and granddaughter.  

This table had nieces, nephews sisters and great nephews sitting and laughing together!

Reba Jane snapping a photo of a wreath that has the original invitation, gloves and other things from the wedding and honeymoon.  Andy Williams album was a bonus find from Son that had our Hawaiian Wedding Song on it.  Son, DILove & Grandkids made the collage of photos from our 50 years of pictures I scanned and printed for them. 

Hubby and I thanking the folks for coming.  I basically said that making it 50 years is not done alone but with the help of every person in the room.  People that were there to rejoice in the good and care in the bad.  Friends, family and loved ones.

Twin great nephews.  Seniors at UT Austin.

By the end of the evening the rain storm was in full force.  All the stuff we had carried in would be wet and most of us soaked.  The younger ones would not let us old folks do much of anything.  They did let me take down the wedding gown and dresses then pack them.

It has been a little over a week since the party.  Hubby and I flew to Missouri to be at some close friends' 50th.  Now back home and savoring the new memories of our own celebration.  What a summer, what a 50 year ride and what a life.

Thanks for stopping by and joining the party.  Keep coming back as we work toward our next big celebration.

Peace and love
Janice & Hubby
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