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Friday, November 2, 2018

10-30-2018 Columbia River Gorge

Morning in the Washougal house brought an amazing view from the dining room.  A bite of breakfast and coffee.  I wanted to get some photos in the morning light.  A walk down the hill to grab a couple of shots of the Washougal River would be good.  I have not mentioned that we were so close to this small river that we could hear its sound as soon as we stepped outside.

Sis #4 ambling down the drive, not the
steepest part.
The house was located at the top of a steep ridge.  Sis #4 thought that I should not be doing that sort of walking as I was still nursing that stupid tendon issue.  She was not the boss of me.  Sis #4 and I headed out for some steps and photo ops.  Morning light is just so soft as it highlights creation.

Lush vegetation

Looking back to our rented house and the road trip van.

The curving river at the bottom of the driveway.
A ton of snaps with my camera that had begun giving problems hoping to salvage a few good captures.  Bummed about the camera.  Once back up top, snaps of the grounds and extra cottage.  Sis #4 really wanted to go inside but the locks were not set for our code.  A peek through windows had to do.   Sis #4 headed back inside to dress for the day.  I continued getting a few photos.

Morning clouds were tumbling over the small hills across the way.

 Landscaping was simple with the native(?) hydrangeas being in full bloom.

Panorama of the grounds from the sun room end of the house.

While the trip to Oregon was primarily for the wedding of Sis #2's granddaughter, we other folks had some things we wanted to do, also.  Sis #1 wanted to have a couple of days with her friends.  Sis #2 wanted to see the granddaughter's home.  Old BIL wanted to eat at Mo's.  Sis #4 wanted to walk on the beach and see the ocean.  Young BIL was glad to take in any dam or winery that came along the way.  I was happy to do all that but if we could look for a certain mountain it would be very meaningful.  And this was the day to look for that specific mountain.

Why a specific mountain in a whole mountain range that included Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood and literally thousands of other mountains?  It was Hubby's fault.  You know, the Hubby that dug his heels in and would not come on this trip?  Yes, That Hubby.  Hubby's maternal grandfather had 3 paintings that he had bought when he lived and worked in the Columbia River area.  Those three paintings hung in Hubby's sight as he grew up, first in the grandparents' homes.  Later, in his parents home.  After Hubby's father passed away and Mom had to move to a memory unit the paintings lived on our walls.  I had researched the location and found the mountain.  Unfortunately, that info was lost when the old computer crashed 2 years ago, bummer.  With only my 10 year old phone available to search I came up with Dog Mt.  A park was located across from the mountain.  That seemed about right.  Y BIL said he would be glad to look for it in the afternoon.  Great.

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