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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elementary my dear Watson
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Tonight is the first time I have chosen to watch the "modern" Sherlock on PBS.  Quite interesting to see a Holmes wearing a nicotine patch and carrying a smart phone.  Clues both observed and unobserved consume the thoughts of that genius mind.  You think there ever was a detective with such an aptitude for solving crimes or mysteries?

Joan Hickson as Miss Marple picture from
Do I look like her?  Naw, closer to "Cannon"
Mystery shows, books and movies fascinate me.  It would be interesting to be in the minds of some of the writers of these books, movies and TV shows.  Of course the other set of minds that would be interesting is commercial writers.  Or the writers of  "The Big Bang Theory".  I am certain all of these different minds would be fascinating to persons delving into psyches.

It is really sort of amazing.  In the past couple of months we have been having a rash of holes in our socks.  Gene has lost 3 or 4 pair.  I at least 2 or 3.  Some are holes in the toes, some in the heels.  How weird is this?  Is it a coincidence? Is it a change in laundry detergent?  Temperature of dryer?  My mind may explode!!!!  Look at the unobserved very carefully.

Put on my Sherlock hat and look at the clues.  Oh, could it be that simple!  We began stocking up on new stuff about the time Gene retired ... 10 years ago.  They are just old at about the same time.  So you see, it is elementary, my dear Watson.

Now shall we look into the case of the sagging pants......

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