Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"I got plenty of nothing"

Today I awoke to the vibration of the alarm clock, then the siren part of the alarm as Gene attempted to turn it off and over shot.  He was going to meet the young guys at Panera for breakfast.  I was very content to stay at home as it was pouring rain.  Besides, I knew he would bring me one of those wonderful cinnamon crisp bagels.  And he did.

While Gene was gone I took advantage of the empty bed and did the exercises they gave us during the presurgery class yesterday.  If it makes recoup better then it would behoove me to get it done!  And today was a mostly low pain day.  So I was able to get the last of the winter decorations put away and a small arrangement made.  Since my Avast spyware quit working way too much time was spent on my computer trying to figure out why.  

I have not gotten back to the scan project.  I reeeallllly have to be in the right mood to do that and that has just not happened.  I did get this months card for the homebound printed.  What fun it was going to choir practice tonight to get signatures on the card.  The fun was listening to the talented folks practice the music for the next few weeks.  

At the end of choir practice one gentleman told of his experience on the volunteers in mission trip to Honduras this month.  This trip had the volunteers help build simple stoves in the homes of folks.  He mentioned the stoves replace open, unvented fires in the middle of the homes.  Cost of materials is about $60, "about what I pay for a meal for the family" said the gentleman.  

It was noted that next month's medical mission to Nicaragua will treat people with severe lung problems as a result of cooking on the same type of open, unvented fires.  I guess being in the choir room set a mood for me. I thought of the "I got nothing" blog, how much I have and after hearing the gentleman I remembered the old song ... I got plenty of nothing but nothing's plenty for me : )
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