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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's all relative

How tall are you?  How much do you weigh?  What was your level of education?  How old are you?  When was the last time you were asked one of these questions?

5 ft 2, eyes
of blue

Every thing depends on how you measure or the standard of measurement.  Like how tall are you?  It may depend on your standard.  Are you measuring while standing, sitting, lying on your back or side.  Do you mean  now or say 10 or 15 years ago, which for me will make a difference of 1.5 inches in the wrong direction.

The enemy......
How much I weigh can depend on time of day, day of week or my attire.  Before or after Christmas.  Length of hair can have an astounding effect.  I found that wearing my hair in an up do did not make any difference though.

And the level of education is a real mine field of variances.  Level of education in formal schooling can be measured by grade levels, degree levels, certifications and sometimes titles.  Then there is how good was your school/college/university, ivy league or Big 12?

Recalculating, at the first
chance make a U turn.
But how do you measure practical education like doing laundry, reading a map or listening and following say GPS instructions?  Is taking spots out of kids clothing or ring around the collar the highest level of education?  And is it more educated to know how to sort colors or select proper drying times?  How to clean the bottom of a no slip shower should be close to genius.  The list goes on and on.
Sequoia National Park has
really old trees.  I was
six in this picture.

Typically age is measured from birth.  Others claim moment of conception which I thankfully do not remember for me nor my child.  Well, maybe my child, hot Gene!!!  Then there is the young 60 something or the old third grader.

So I am 18" tall on my side.  I don't weigh much, usually about twice a month.  Learned enough to recognize a line of bull.  And Biblically speaking of promised years, got about 10 good years left.  So just remember the next time someone starts asking a bunch of personal questions ......... it's all relative.

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