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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nutin' Honey

No time yesterday to blog due to a house needing cleaning.  We did meet friends for a light supper and on to St. John's to visit another friend last evening.  Shouts out to Jerry and Bernie as they continue to beat back the beast.

Gene is so well trained.  This morning he served a breakfast fit for a queen, I type with tongue in cheek.  Waffle, bacon and fresh orange slices.  Yum when followed by some wonderful coffee he brewed his special, scientific way.

I have created a monster.  Yes, now when I ask Gene for input his answer is usually, "I got nothing".  Well, after the angel incident, I deserve that!  Maybe this blogging thing will make me think a little longer before asking the question that falls out of my mouth too frequently, "What were you thinking when you .......?"

Really, have we just spent the last hour watching a rerun of a 1990 pennant race?  Wow, that just reeks of not having much of a life.  What was I thinking wasting time like that?  You can say it with me, I got Nothing!  Not that phrase, the other one, "Kwitchyerbellyakin."

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