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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something about .... something ...

There is something I am anxious to share about rabbits.  It has been on my mind on and off all day long.  But first a bit of the 70's we relived today.

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I have a couple of really bad habits, well, two that I am sharing.  I am sure more will come as time goes by.  One bad habit is staying up till 2 or 3 AM.  The other bad habit is going to sleep with the tv playing. A few nights / early mornings ago I switched on the tv in our bedroom.  To my surprise and pleasure, The Bob Newhart Show was playing on the Hallmark channel.  In order for Gene to see the shows, the living room DVR was set with a timer to record the 4 shows that play from 1 - 3 AM .  This morning while enjoying freshly baked homemade caramel rolls, we watched the recordings.  What a hoot.

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The wardrobes included Susanne Pleshette's pants with leg bottoms as wide as a skirt.  Howard, the neighbor, buying a  Neru suit, wide lapels on Bob's suits and campaign furniture all brought back memories of our young, married days.

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No big social issues were addressed on any of the 4 shows we watched.  However we cannot ignore one thing about the 70's, Mini Skirts!  Here is proof they were just as short then, too.
Mini Skirt Monday #78: The Bob Newhart Show

The bed famous enough to be in the finale or Newhart's next series!

Sexual references were pretty subtle.  Every time someone was in bed, they had on full pjs and gowns.  At least they were not sleeeping in twin beds like I Love Lucy and Father Knows Best.  I knew only one real, live couple that had twin beds.  And they still had 4 kids!
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Simple show with lots of one liners and always that special, Newhart style of humor.  Pleshette's character was a good compliment to Newhart.  And that was not just my opinion.  Bummer that she passed in 2008.

Did I just waste my time blogging about a 37 year old tv series?  Probably, but as I said at the beginning there was something that has been on and off my mind today.  Of course, at this moment there is nothing of the something left in my mind.

Oh, yeah, it is another bad habit I have about being easily distracted.  Something about  ....      rabbits.  Oh, yeah, that's it, if Gene or I are working on one project, get distracted and do something else entirely different, we say "I saw a Rabbit!"
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