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Thursday, January 19, 2012


One of my dad's favorite sayings was quit your belly aching any time one of us girls or our Mom would complain.  My youngest sister, Arlene, found a sign that had the saying all jammed together and gave it to Daddy one year for Christmas.  After Daddy died and Momma had to move closer to Arlene, Sissy (Arlene, Nana) had a copy of the sign made for each of us "girls".

In this election year, everyone is complaining about something.  I am complaining about:

  • delayed surgery
  • just about anything Gene does (bless his heart)
  • the size of my rear end
  • the cost of .......  fill in the blanks.  
  • the temperature of what ever room I am in at the time
About a year ago I learned the worldwide average living space for 4 humans is 10.5 feet by 10.5 feet.  The smallest bedroom in my home is bigger than that.  That is the room we have dumped excess stuff from Edna's apartment.  Many households have a storage unit for their excess stuff bigger than the average living area for 4 people.

So I got lots of stuff.  But more than stuff I have the love of the best man in the universe for me.  No one else is welcome to him.  God blessed me with a caring son, three terrific, diverse grandsons and an extended family from my family and Gene's family ..... and most of these folks love and respect me at least part of the time.  So today, tell me, Watchyergot?  And unless you are sharing your space of 10.5' x 10.5' with 3 other people, just Kwitchyerbellyakin.
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