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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zero minus one

To those of you who chose to read this blog, thanks for the comments.  Who knows, maybe some days I may have something worth reading.

Recliner nap report.  It held me hostage till 5:15 AM when an undisclosed impulse awoke me.  So then I climbed in our bed.  Snuggled up to Gene just long enough to let him know I was not still wondering "what he was thinking" about yesterday's angel incident.

We did get more of Edna's stuff sorted today.  Some wonderful old photos from the 1920's, 30's and 40's.  Almost ready to start the scanning of family pictures again.  Man, I think Gene & I will both be thrilled when we got nothing left of this latest project!

The strange thing about this type of project, sorting our parents' things, makes us start doing some clean out of our stuff.  We had closed a bank box at one location but had not transferred to the next bank.  Went through the papers today.  Shredded out of date and cancelled policies, papers from purchase of house in 1975, contracts for purchase of this house 19 years ago.  Rediscovered Gene's army records and loved reading all the transfer orders.  Gene talked about army life, promotions and a couple of stories I do not remember him sharing.  And there was the Super Bowl memorabilia that Doug and Arlene gave John Roger.    Do not come looking for any of this stuff here, all at the bank now.  I got nothing!

Earlier this month I was scheduled for right knee replacement on Feb. 7.  Call from the hospital today and it seems the doctor is out of town Feb. 7.  So I figure why show up without him.  What do you say when the person on the other end asks, "Do you want to reschedule?"  Really, did she just ask if I want to reschedule?  And the option would be what?  Not get the surgery I have been waiting for four years?  "What are you thinking" is what I wanted to say.  Instead I simply replied yes and how soon.  Feb. 21, 2 more weeks.  That left me feeling like I had less than nothing.

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