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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There are those days in my life when folks ask me for my opinion on this or that.  Most times I got nothing.  No, really, I do not care if I buy salted or unsalted butter.  95% of the time I really do not care where we go to eat so long as I do not have to cook or clean up.  I care about bills before Congress but have no influence on the outcome so why waste the energy of stating my opinion.  

However, today I did have an opinion on how Gene put away the Christmas angels.  Why do I only have opinions about what Gene does or how he does it?  Why is it necessary for most of my discussions with him start something like, "What were you thinking?"  I mean really.  15 year old metal angels that have hung on a nail in a big trash bag 11 months of every year suddenly this year need to be placed between masonite and cardboard.  Then tied with an appliance strap now making the package too big to hang from the nail at the back of the heater closet.  Now it requires 5 inches x 3 ft. x 2.5 ft in back of the storage shelf.  I would have been better off just havin' nothing.
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