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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Game Ready

After several weeks of down time with the knee pain before the surgery and then the surgery, I am needing to be game ready.  I am finding it a little challenging learning to get back in the game so to speak. I am really a hermit by nature.  Lots of people would not believe that statement.  My husband knows how true this is.

There were times when anxiety was so high even after dressing and driving to the parking lot at work, I would freeze up in my car.  I would wind up returning home and calling in sick/crazy.  Thank God those days are over, days filled with anxiety.  The desire to see not one soul save Gene.  Quite time at home is now enjoyed for what it is and not an escape from the world.

Today the weather is cool in comparison to the last few weeks.  Maybe even cool enough for a small fire this evening.  I would enjoy reading but the world is beginning to press in with tasks calling to be done.  I still have neither the list made nor the house cleaned.  And a person could write a book in the pollen dust on all my furniture.  Oh, well, if someone is lacking paper and is wanting to write a book come on over to 3871 and make yourself at home.  Just do not put a date on anything and the dust can wait a while longer.

This morning was another workout at physical therapy.  Even though my knee still is somewhat swollen, Vinnie and I were able to get 115 flex out of this old gal's knee.  Without assistance I flattened my knee on the table.  So, extension goal of zero is achieved!  Five more degrees of flex and that goal will be achieved.  With a new flex increasing movement added today, pretty sure my gluteus maximus and "minimus" and every other little "mus" in the back of my lower body will be sore tomorrow.

This is not me nor any man
 I know..... Just sayin.
One of the better parts of the physical therapy is seeing the improvement in my strength and agility.  The stretches feel wonderful after pulling my leg up on an 8 inch step 30 times.  But there is a device that tops the bill.  I probably mentioned it already in another blog.  Developed by a NASA designer of spacesuits the system was field tested on sports injuries.  The device is a single, portable ice machine and compression unit.  Its use has expanded to post surgery treatment and even veterinary uses.
Yep, for doggies!

I just know that at the end of today's workout the wrap that extends from mid thigh to mid calf felt really good.  The combination of cold and compression is a relief to the muscles of my leg.  Wish there was one designed for my sore rear muscles.  Oh, look, there is one !  Yet one more product (besides Corning Ware) developed from the technologies of space exploration with applications helping heal people and animals.  Yep, I am all about continued space exploration and Game Ready!

Not this, though it would fit best!

This one, silly dragon!
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