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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Knee Replacement!

This knee surgery thing is not at all what I had imagined.  I thought for sure the incision would be very painful.  Mistaken on that.  I thought there would be pain in the joint area where the stuff was glued together.  Mistaken on that, too.  Now areas where the muscles are re-knitting together, yes there is some occasional discomfort but not in the way I expected.

Walking is becoming easier every day.  Maybe I should clarify that walking with confidence is becoming easier every day.  I am still a little wobbly with backward or sideways movements.  I am walking up steps  with a regular step, just not real fast and not very many.  And I can go down the steps with a normal gait.  Again slowly but still better than in many years.  Driving is getting back to normal with the exception of getting my right leg in and out of the car.

I had been told about getting the knee to bend being a challenge.  Again, not what I had imagined.  I am being resistant to the amount of discomfort that bending to the degree that is needed.  I am being so resistant that I flinch my hip back from the bend.  Oh, my, that was not the thing to do.  Now I have irritated the sciatic nerve and I was not expecting that!

So, I am loving the changes to my knee from the replacement.  Besides the lack of joint pain, people are saying I look like I have lost weight.  The scales say otherwise.  Some folks say I look like I am standing taller.  I have not measured so who knows.  And even though the hip and sciatic nerve are grumpy, I still say hip, hip, hooray for knee replacement!

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