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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Saying Thanks

Gene enjoying life one year later.
What a great day to be alive.  Five years ago today Gene was in ICU.  The doctors had said if he survived the next 24 to 48 hours, he stood a chance of living.  He did and still is living.  Just saying silent little "thanks" every time I look at him this weekend.

When I arrived at church this morning I decided to go up the steps into the educational wing.  That worked so good, I climbed the stairs into the balcony seating area.  In the process of putting my glasses away I found a piece of chocolate I had for Gene.  After the worship service I walked to the media booth and handed it to him.  Thanks, Creator, for the miracle of climbing stairs and handing Gene a small piece of candy.

Jenny Lake Campsite, 2008
Nursery duty was my next move.  At first there did not seem to much need than additional babies arrived.  So I was able to spend time with the little ones.  It really feels good to be able to calm a child when no one else is able to get the response.  Today it took 10 to 15 minutes to have the baby girl calm enough to be held by another worker.  Actually she and I traded as the one she was holding was beginning to be fret.

Fall, 2010
This little boy's name was not quite clear on the tag.  We finally settled on Elias.  What a beautiful brown eyed, dark haired little boy.  It was wonderful to be back on track to live my life without knee pain.  The joy of children, being able to up and down stairs and then seeing my husband 5 years after a near fatal illness running the media board.

I worked for many years using my talents to make money to pay bills.  I was not a pleasant person, hot tempered and high strung.  Mostly calmer now.  But I surely terrorized my employees and co workers with this temper.  Thank God for forgiveness and healing.

I really thought this day could not get much better.  Then I saw the parents of the little, beautiful boy.  The father was a person that had worked with and for me.  He had been a very special young man with a life threatening disease.  Scott had not been expected to live past childhood, then past teens and so on until at 33 he received a lung transplant.  That operation was at least 2 years ago by now.  But there stood another miracle, Scott holding his 7 month old baby boy.

Today has been just one of those days when I spend the entire day Just Saying Thanks!

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