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Monday, April 30, 2012

Nutin' Honey

The Fling on Saturday went reall good.  The singers were sounding great and helped fill in the lag time for the food being served.  The food was tasty and plated very attractively.  The main show, Carolyn Miller from Sedalia, MO, was very inspiring to all attendees.  This web site will give you additional information.  She comes highly recommended for your next event.  It is a real trip down memory lane.  I had totally forgotten my little black box purse!  With the music, the room setting, good food, good friends visiting with each other, and the program on person noted it was a spiritual experience for her.

As usual Gene was my best help all day Friday and Saturday.  The 5 ladies on the committee were the easiest to work with ever.  They are the reason for the success of the event.  All that and answered prayer.

Speaking of Gene, he had xrays and two shots.  One shot was in an area of bursitis, the other in his right knee.  While all is better for now, looks like he needs knee surgery, bone on bone is the awful phrase Dr. Seagrave used.  Guess we are awaiting a call to the surgeon to set a date.  

After resting all day on Sunday, Monday was a day to start moving toward the next project.  Yes, time to paint one room, repair the hole in the wall above the fire place, then installation of new floor coverings in those two rooms.  So, Monday, I tore out the ceramic tile along the north end of the living room.  I pulled up the backer board and Gene carried it out today.

The Spring Fling was not quite over as there was still the 5 or 6 hundred yards of net and illusion to be stored.  I spent Tuesday wrapping the 136 net flowers and streamers and stacking in a box.  That took care of about 475 yards of illusion tulle.  Today the remainder of the netting was straightened, double folded and wrapped around cardboard.  Volume reduced to about 3 cubic feet from 3 cubic yards.

Earlier this morning all the accessories around the fireplace and tabletops were stored.  They will not come out until painting, repairs and floor covering project is complete.  Phone calls from family and friends, visit from next door neighbor then left overs for supper rounded out our day.  Thank goodness for just an average Wednesday.

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