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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, My Whatever

It is fun to watch NCIS and Mark Harmon age more gracefully than any one human should.  He is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

Come to think of it, Paul Newman and Cary Grant are two more actors that aged so nicely.

Why do the guys wrinkles seem to add character?  My wrinkles just make me look mean.  I am just saying that it seems that having monthly "visits" from that special woman thing when women are young should be enough punishment.  But, no, we are pleased to have children only to realize the effects on our bodies as we age.

Things sag, bag and generally things such as bladders no longer work as originally designed.  Yes, I know guys suffer from sagging, bagging and shrinkage.  But there sure are a lot of guys that age really good.  Maybe it is because I am old as dirt at the point, but some of the older guys are more attractive than the younger version.  Ok, Marlon Brando is one of the token men that did not age as good as some.  But let's face it these 4 guys I have selected had a lot going for them to begin with in the looks department.

Maybe I am griping because I am just needing to get out in my very overgrown yard and pull weeds.  Yes, that would do wonders for my attitude.  I have managed to get a handle on most of the projects that were hanging over me in the near future.  But with my newly realigned body I have learned a lesson this past week.  Any activity that lasts over about an hour leaves me saying Ooohhhh my .... whatever!
Just plain mean!
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