Saturday, April 21, 2012


While most members of Wesley UMC were involved in the annual Mission Blitz, I was at a meeting in Theodosia, MO.  Two old friends were the program for the meeting.  They explained the Personal Energy Transport vehicle.  Then the women assembled two of the units then took them for a spin.

The link to this project is for more information.  The videos on this site will give you a deeper look into the program from the making to the receiving.  So the next time you are buying something new for your pet animal or a new gadget for your self, consider a donation to this PET organization.  If you know how to weld and live near Aurora, MO. contact the local United Methodist Church.  Jim Wrinkle will get you set up with a welding torch!

No, I did not do much to help others today, I drilled 8 holes.  But maybe if a few people read about this project and consider helping financially hopefully the day will not be in vain.
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