Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Risky Business
For many young 'uns (and a few old 'uns) from the 1980's say the words "Risky Business" and an image will come to mind.  An almost childlike Tom Cruise in a pink pinstripe shirt, white skivvies and socks sliding across The Opening into The Hallway.  What follows is a classic movie scene with Young Tom gyrating to Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll".  Go to YouTube and search for Risky Business Dance Scene and you have a nights entertainment.  Everything from Homer Simpson to Kobe Bryant, Taylor Swift and the list goes on doing a take off on this particularly memorable scene.

While I am sitting reading emails and catching up with friends on Facebook, the TV is on in the background.  When I finally notice what the story is about I can hardly believe it.  It is about men working on on high tension electrical lines.  Guys in helicopters moving in and around high tension lines.  These guys step from a small platform onto the wires.  Watching these men literally walk and crawl on the lines is amazing.  The adjacent picture is from  Definitely risky business.

There are a lot of jobs and activities in this life that are risky business.  Where would our lifestyles be without all the folks willing to do these risky jobs.   Miners, oil rig workers, law enforcement professionals, firefighters, military personnel and the list goes on endlessly.  Watching how mega ton items are shipped, hauled and moved from factory to end use involves multiple groups of risk takers, folks performing risky business.

I am sure that anyone reading this blog could come up with additional risk takers they know about that I have failed to note.  One of the riskiest businesses an individual can be involved in is relationships.  Being willing to put our self, heart, hopes and dreams in the hands of others by sharing is a risk.  Some people will take the information and not be respectful.  The information could be posted on Facebook, accidentally mentioned to someone else or just purposely flaunted.

Best risk of my life!
Relationships are precious things.  Relationships can be with a husband, wife, partner, child, sibling, friend or associate.  Yes, the risk is there.  We have all had our share of good and less than good relationships. But with all the risk, I would not want to live this life without these relationships.  How bland, how lonely, how desolate life would be without taking a chance on relationships, the Riskiest Business of life.
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