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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank Full Ness

This week's prompt on the Spin Cycle is Thankful.  As I sit on my sofa looking across the new view through the sliding door I am full of thanks.  My precious husband is alive.  There were 24 hours back in April 2007 when that was very much in doubt.  To hear the words, "The next 24 hours will be the deciding time if he will make it" puts an entirely different look on life.  To stand over the body of a loved one as the life disappears from their eyes at too early an age is terrifying.  To watch an extensive group of teams work day and night to bring back and maintain that life is humbling.  I am thankful for each and every person that worked so successfully to save Husband's life.

I have two friends that have had similar experiences, one the husband survived, the second did not.  I am thankful this morning to hear Husband snorting and blowing his nose to clear his sinuses.  I am thankful as he falls asleep in his lounge chair and snores so loudly I cannot hear the TV.  I am thankful he tickles the Middle grandson and calls him Pickle.  I am thankful his desire to continue to live was granted by the loving Creator.

My cup is so full of joys with enough sadness to make the joys even better.  I am thankful for the irritating cold weather and rain.  The soil is so hard from years of drought in this area.  The rains, almost 4 inches over the last 5 days, have raised Lake Travis' water level over a foot.  That leaves only about 38 or so feet to go to get it back to the levels of 5 years ago.  I am thankful I have clothing to keep me warm as I do errands in the cold, damp weather.

I am thankful for friends, an abundance of loving, caring friends.  So blessed am I with friends.  My life long friend/cousin just lost her brother.  Part of my thanksgiving weekend will be spent going to his funeral because I love my dear friend.  I will take my Mom with me to the funeral and possibly the visitation.  I am thankful my 95 year old mom had her hip replaced this summer cause now she can go places again.

Thanks filled my heart on Sunday as Son and Middle grandson stopped by for a few hours of visiting.  Son shared his adventures during his recent 12 day business trip around Europe.  I am thankful for his job in a time when jobs, good jobs, can be hard to find.  I am thankful I see joy in Son's eyes again.  I am thankful Middle grandson laughed when Grandpa gave him the tin of pickled flavored mints.

Three sisters were placed in my life.  I am do very thankful for our love of each other.  Oldest sis has suffered many trials such as the death of two husbands.  I am thankful Oldest is a strong woman.  She forges ahead in spite of continuing family challenges.  Just Older sis has, likewise suffered trials beginning as early as 24.  She lost the sight of one eye as a result of complications of tests being run on her brain.  Fluids had collected near the optic nerve of her left eye.  The dye used for the test caused a reaction that destroyed her vision in that eye.  I am thankful it was fluid and not a tumor.

Youngest sister and I have not experienced the types of tragedies endured by our older sisters.  I am thankful we have been given opportunities to help our sisters.  I am thankful we four sisters have each other to hold in prayer if not in our arms.

Thank Full Ness could go on and on in this post as I am such a blessed person.  Thank You, dear Creator of all things that You called good.

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