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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Awesome Husband

With all the changes in lifestyle recently, blah, blah, blah.  We had to buy three different furniture pieces to fit the smaller, much smaller space.  One is a TV stand that will hold some of the family albums in addition to TV stuff.  The second item is a tall, narrow china cabinet.  The final piece is a sewing cabinet that folds down to an 18 in. x 18 in. footprint.

After shopping around for a few days, I settled on three items I found on line.  The first was due later this week, another was due next week.  The last one was due some time in January.  They all came last week.  None are assembled.  I am not thrilled with this development.  Husband is to the rescue.  And he considered it sort of a fun challenge.  Or so he said.  Tonight we are actually watching our own TV for the first time in weeks.

Tomorrow he plans on tackling the buffet part of the china cabinet.  Sure hope Husband does not decide all these piles of unassembled objects are not a fun sort of challenge.  When the china is done, I just want to put the sewing cabinet on hold for a couple of weeks to put up some Christmas stuff.  But then maybe not as there are several boxes to be sorted to find Christmas up in the storage room.  And it will be cold for the next few days

Or maybe this year, just this year I will be content to just hang a couple of wreaths that we still have not put 'away', hang the three angels and spread around the penguins and snowmen.  That should do a pretty good job of giving the festive treatment to the room.  That and a picture of a flame playing on the TV.  I am pretty sure Awesome Husband will be all over the new, low key Christmas.  This is just our back yard last year.

And the Living Room

And entry way full of the penguin collection

The kitchen and some closeups of other penguins.

Tree and mantel

And a single mouse.

Happy decorating, ya'll!
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